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About twenty years ago I took a guitar building class from Charles Fox and was so inspired by his teaching style and the experience that I began thinking about doing something similar for furniture building.  Ironically, I had originally majored in Industrial Arts in college to become a woodshop teacher but was sidetracked after meeting Art Carpenter, another inspirational and very talented woodworker.  Teaching was put on hold while I pursued several other woodworking professions.  When the decision was made to start the school the search began for the right location.  My vision was to build a woodworkers fantasy camp. A great shop in a scenic location where visitors could come and spend a week in a beautiful setting and leave with a nice piece of furniture they would enjoy for many years.  It was important that the experience be as enjoyable as the skills learned.


Our classes are small by design and very personalized.  Students may choose one of our designs or or something of their own.  More information can be found at:  A sampling of some of our more popular projects can be found below.  

Click here to watch short clip on our 5-Day Classes

custom rocking chair
EWS Rocker
custom bird's eye maple side table
Occasional Table
Custom Morris Chair
Morris Chair
Cutom coffee table
Maui Table
Custom dining chair
Flexback Chair
cutom Greene & Greene Stle dining chair
Greene & Greene Style Chair
sculptured wood rocking chair
Sculptured Rocker
Custom shaker style side table
Neo Shaker Table
custom sulptured wood stool

Sculptured Stool

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